Update Service

With the Update Service you are always well informed about all changes in the sea area throughout the season.
The Update Service is included in your current edition NV Charts listed below for one season and can be extended with the purchase of a new NV Charts edition for the region.
Whether under sail or motor - for anyone on the water, you will find many important changes such as depth structure and buoyage and loads of additional information such as lock times and harbour information are available in the paper chart as a pdf update, and are also displayed in the NV Charts App. Information can also be supplemented with your own comments and photos.
In addition to the Update Service, latest reports are published on our website and are displayed directly in the NV Charts App with daily updates. In this way, you are also continuously informed about all changes in between the publications of the Update Service. 
The Update Service summarises all changes for the current edition and is compatible with the current editions of the NV Charts nautical charts and is  published at regular intervals from April to October. Planned publication dates for the next summarising Update Service are as follows:
Serie 1-6: Week 01 (printed)
Week 19 (to be published)
Week 23 (to be published)
Week 27 (to be published)
Week 31 (to be published)
Week 35 (to be published)
Serie 9: Week 34 (2021 released)
Week 18 (to be published)
Week 22 (to be published)
Week 26 (to be published)
Week 30 (to be published)
Week 34 (to be published)
DE 10-13: Week 01 (printed)
Week 18 (to be published)
Week 22 (to be published)
Week 26 (to be published)
Week 30 (to be published)
Week 34 (to be published)
NL 1-5: Week 01 (printed)
Week 17 (to be published)
Week 24 (to be published)
Week 28 (to be published)
Week 32 (to be published)
In addition to updates via the Notices to Mariners the Update Service also takes the latest survey data from the water and navigation offices and other public and private sources  into account to provide the best possible safe navigation. 
With the NV charts, which include an Update Service, we provide: 
  • PDF file to be printed out in DIN A4 and in colour with the corrections.
  • Corrected digital nautical charts.
  • Latest Updates from the Harbour- and Marina Guide www.seame.com.

Registration for the Update Service

To register for the Update Service, we recommend using the NV Charts App. Activate your current nautical charts in the NV Charts App using your product ID that came with your purchased up-to-date NV Charts and receive all Update Service messages via your e-mail address. In the NV Charts App, all latest reports are also displayed directly on the chart. The Update Service is available for the above-mentioned nautical charts. All other regions are regularly updated digitally in the NV Charts App.
If you are not able to install the app, you can also activate the charts for the update service using the link below and your product id. However, you will then not have access to the latest reports displayed conviniently in the NV Charts App, but only via the list display here on the website.