• This update uses the updated regristration database. This means you will be asked to reactivate our chart navigator, so keep your activation code at hand.
    or contact our support team.
  • Download the file according to your program
  • Close the chart navigator. Then double click the downloaded file. If you need to do this update on a computer without internet connection, copy the downloaded file on this computer and proceed.

- Chart Navigator light Download 1.1.64 (1,7 MB)
- Chart Navigator Standard Download 1.1.64 (1,8 MB)
- Chart Navigator Professional Download 1.1.64 (2,1 MB)

Required is the NV. Pocket Navigator in version 5.2.6 or higher. Older versions of Pocket Navigators (5.2.5 oder lower ) can not be updated.


   download NVPKN_DE.exe ( ca. 6.2 MB ) .
close PC Pocket Navigator and run the file.
   open the new PC Pocket Navigator Mobiles device > Pocket
    Navigator install, to update your program on the device.


NVPKN_DE.exe download here

Download: Waypoints_2023.txt

for other applications also as gpx file: Waypoints_2023.gpx

As partner of the Kieler Woche NV Charts is offering all participants and spectators free access to the digital charts for the regatta. Download the NV Charts App and go to Charts > Add offline charts and enter the product id:

More informatation and app download:
(free charts valid until 17.9.2020)

Wir stellen allen Teilnehmern dieser Regatta auch die digitalen Karten zur Verfügung. Einfach die NV Charts App installieren und die NV Serie 1 Rund Fühnen - Kieler Bucht bis zum 17.09.2020 kostenlos offline verwenden. Produkt ID:

Weitere Informationen und App Download:

Download as PDF:
NV Charts Kieler Woche Racing Areas PDF
NV Charts Kieler Woche Aalregatta Racing Area PDF

GPS-enabled navigation software for the entry into digital navigation:

  • display of the ship position
  • reads nautical charts in and BSB format
  • full sheet chart display
  • route planning
  • search function for place names
  • current and tidal display

Download Chart Navigator Light